Terminal Airspace Simulation (TASIM)

TASIM is a fast-time stochastic simulation developed to improve the testing of various ATC concepts and the evaluation of airspace strategies and procedures. The simulation facility can model an arbitrary segment of airspace, comprising numerous airports, and can handle any number of aircraft (within the memory constraints of the user's computer). The user need only supply environment-specific information (location and type of navigation aids, desired aircraft mix, arrival and departure procedures, wind information, etc.).

TASIM uses object oriented programming techniques to provide a flexible and efficient model of the airspace environment. Objects include aircraft, airports, runways, routes, segments, fixes, etc. The simulation is event driven and uses menus and a mouse for user convenience. The rather extensive input data required to define the airspace is structured to simplify preparation and to make the data files self-explanatory. The formats for aircraft routes, for example, follow industry conventions and should be easily comprehended by air traffic controllers or knowledgeable analysts. Key simulation parameters may be changed by the user during the program's execution by means of on-screen dialog boxes.

The simulation input data and parameters are verified for consistency and completeness during initial processing, and any errors are presented on-screen for the user's attention. A graphical representation of the key airspace features is available for convenient review and verification of the scenario data. During the execution of the simulation a graphical portrayal of all activity is provided. This graphical display can be presented either as a two-dimensional animation or as a simplified version of a controller's radar display. The user is able to adjust the view during the execution, and to change the update rate. The simulation run can also be paused or halted at any time.

At the conclusion of a simulation run, TASIM provides a brief summary of the results. If other runs have been completed during the same session, the user can easily compare the corresponding summaries. More detailed results are available at the user's option by means of history and statistics output files.


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