FTA's greatest resource is our highly skilled personnel. Staff backgrounds include civil and military flying, air traffic control, computer programming and modeling, aviation demand forecasting and delay analysis, aircraft flight and ground noise analysis, operations research, human factors engineering and many other relevant areas. Resumé summaries of our key technical staff are provided below. Click on the business card icons for more detailed information.
Professor Emeritus Robert W. Simpson served as Director of the Flight Transportation Laboratory in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Professor Simpson has gained over 30 years of experience worldwide as a consultant and educator in aviation research and analysis. At MIT, he taught courses in flight transportation operations analysis, airport planning and design, air traffic control, and airline management and marketing, as part of the graduate program in flight transportation.

William C. Hoffman, has been with the firm since 1980. He specializes in airport/airline planning and operations, computer simulation and software development, and air traffic control and navigation technology. He has extensive experience in the management of projects sponsored by federal, state, local, and private agencies. Mr. Hoffman is also an experienced pilot having held both commercial and instructor ratings in twin engine aircraft.

Principal Consultant
Professor Amedeo R. Odoni is one of the original founders of FTA. He holds a joint professorship in MIT's Departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Civil Engineering, where he teaches graduate courses in planning and design of airports, air traffic control, systematic policy analysis, logistical and transportation planning methods, and urban operations research. He is the Co-Director of MIT's Operations Research Center and the Statistics Center, which administer education and research programs widely recognized among the best in the nation.

Principal Consultant
Raymond A. Ausrotas was Associate Director of the MIT Flight Transportation Laboratory (FTL) and is a principal at FTA. He oversaw the management and administration of the FTL, which initiates and contributes to comprehensive studies of all areas of the air transportation industry. Mr. Ausrotas has participated in a number of economic, operational and technical studies including an assessment of the future of the U.S. aviation system, which was a comprehensive look at airlines, general aviation, airports, and the air traffic control system to help define NASA's future research needs.

Principal Consultant
Dennis F. Mathaisel is a Professor of Operations Research at Babson College and a principal at FTA. He is a specialist in operations research applications in aviation, and is also affiliated with MIT's Flight Transportation Laboratory. Dr. Mathaisel's teaching responsibilities at Babson College include both graduate and undergraduate courses in mathematics, operations research and software design. His academic research activities at Babson, MIT and FTA involve the application of operations research and artificial intelligence techniques to aircraft scheduling, airline fleet planning, classroom and course scheduling, and mail distribution and delivery.



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