Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Operations Research, 1969
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1967
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1965


Dr. Odoni is one of the original founders of FTA and a principal consultant with the company. He holds a joint professorship in MIT's Departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Civil Engineering, where he teaches graduate courses in planning and design of airports, air traffic control, systematic policy analysis, logistical and transportation planning methods, and urban operations research. He is the Co-Director of MIT's Operations Research Center and the Statistics Center, which administer education and research programs widely recognized among the best in the nation. He is also affiliated with the Center for Advanced Engineering Study and the Center for Transportation Studies. He is the author of three major textbooks, including Urban Operations Research and Flow Control of Congested Networks.

Slot Allocation Study, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Principal consultant on an FTA study of slot auction options for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The zero-out auction was considered in particular for its potential effectiveness at New York's La Guardia Airport. Key issues included economic consequences of zero-out to the Port Authority and airport users, airport delay and congestion, regulatory implications, and alternate slot allocation methods.

Computer Based Planning Tools

Conducted research in developing computer-based planning tools for airport management. Developed computer packages for the simulation and design of airport runway systems (FLAPS); simulation and design of airport taxiway and apron systems (TAXSIM); simulation and design of airport terminals and airport access (TOPSIM); and analysis of capacity and delays at airport facilities (RUNCAP, DELAYS).

Peak Hour Pricing for Logan International Airport

Analyzed Logan demand and capacity to identify congestion concerns. Developed systematic approach for designating peak period for rate-setting purposes. FTA's DELAYSIM model was used to simulate airport activity and delays, and thus determine the savings that peak hour pricing could produce at Logan.

Cross Harbor and Regional Transportation Study

Completed a major effort for the Massachusetts Port Authority on airfield master planning for Logan International Airport. Used advanced simulation techniques to investigate alternate capacity configurations and to conduct airfield delay analyses.

Capacity and Delay Study, Logan International Airport

Engaged in FTA's capacity and delay study for Boston's Logan International Airport. This project utilized FTA's FLAPS, DELAYS, and WXROSE models to estimate the saturation capacity of various runway/weather configurations, to develop Capacity Coverage Charts for operations and seats, and to project delay profiles for various demand conditions.

Bangkok International Airport Master Plan

Participated in two segments of the Nong Ngu Hao airport project: The preparation of demand forecasts through the year 2010, and the development of air traffic control specifications.


Revised Preferential Runway Advisory System, Logan International Airport

Key investigator for the development of a Revised Preferential Runway Assignment System (PRAS) which FTA developed for Massport.



Air Traffic Control Studies

Directed or participated in the following projects: design of a domestic air traffic control flow system; study of the expansion of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport; cost/benefit evaluation of the Upgraded Third Generation air traffic control system in the U.S.; and planning for the Fourth Generation air traffic control system for U.S. airports. Conducted an evaluation of landside planning tools for the U.S. Department of Transportation. Served four years on the FAA Advisory Group on computer model development.

Capacity Analysis, Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport

Principal consultant for the runway capacity analysis of the Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport, conducted for the Australian Federal Airports Corporation (FAC). The FLAPS model was used to examine the runway capacity for several future alternatives, including the proposed third runway.


Airport Planning Projects, Europe

Participated in the site selection and master planning for the New Athens Airport, as Special Advisor to the Minister of Transportation of Greece; a needs assessment for a fifth runway for Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam; design of the taxiway, bridge, and apron system for the Munich II International Airport; and design of an apron system for the Arlanda International Airport in Stockholm. Also evaluated operating alternatives for the Bromma Airport, Stockholm, and studied the expansion requirements of Arlanda International Airport.

Access Control Study, Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport

Participated in the Sydney access control study for the FAC, in which FTA reviewed various alternatives for controlling congestion at Sydney, and recommended a phased plan for pricing and slots.

Operations Research

Conducts research on transportation applications (e.g. air traffic control, airport planning and design) using Operations Research methods such as risk/benefit analysis, network analysis, location theory, Markovian decision processes, and graph theory.

Boston Regional Airport System Study

Participated in the Boston Regional Airport System Study, which was a key component of the Massachusetts Airport System Plan. This effort involved a comprehensive market analysis, including passenger surveys, the development of possible future air transportation scenarios for the New England Region, and the evaluation of their likelihood and consequent impacts on regional airports.


Member of Operations Research Society of America, Institute for Management Sciences and Honorary Member of Airline Group, International Federation of Operational Research Societies.




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